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The Viral Kindness Scotland initiative was launched by the Sarwar Foundation and includes:

• Glasgow-based contact centre Go-Centric, which has set up a 24-hour freephone national helpline, website and digital channels.

• 500 convenience stores across Scotland—300 from the Day-Today retail chain and 200 from the USave group—which are securing essential goods for those in need and connecting people.

• 250,000 ‘Viral Kindness Scotland’ postcards, which have been distributed to stores by the Sarwar Foundation for consumers and shopkeepers to identify vulnerable people in their local communities and to sign up to volunteer.

More organisations are welcome and encouraged to join the project.

The Sarwar Foundation was set up in 2000 to save lives, transform the lives of those in need, and create fulfilling lives.

go-centric is Scotland’s National Call Centre based in Glasgow, with over 20 years of experience in managing end to end customer solutions. Our organisation has a fantastic record of providing quality service and growth for our partners and clients across the world. We believe in working with people who share our passion for creating prosperity, for people and businesses. Our purpose is to help people and businesses grow and prosper.

Day-Today is the fastest growing award-winning retail chain in the UK, with over 300 shops in Scotland.

Usave is one of the fastest growing chain of shops in Scotland., with 200 stores at the heart of local communities.